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Event Information

Event Info:



The Westin Bonaventure, adjacent to the Y, will be offering $129 rooms for Stair Climb participants on September 26th and 27th.

At 1,005 feet, the US Bank Tower is the tallest building in Los Angeles and the tallest building west of the Mississippi . Climbers will race or walk up 1,664 steps (75 stories) and take an elevator down. Most participants climb to the top in 20 to 45 minutes. Elite climbers race to the top in approximately 13 minutes or less, and the course record, set by Tommy Coleman in 2013 is 9:27. Are you up for the challenge?

Click here for a US Bank Tower Course Map

During and after the race, participants will gather in the street outside the Y for the Block Party celebration and awards ceremony. Hope Street (in between 4th Street and Hope Place) will be closed to host the celebration. All climbers will receive the famous 'Elevators are for Wimps' t-shirt, participant medal and goodie bag.

Important notes for climbers:
  • Climbers start the climb in 5-8 second intervals.

  • Water stations are provided at the starting area and throughout the stairwells.
  • Climbers who are unable to complete the climb and need to exit the stairwell may do so, but please make a water station volunteer or EMT aware.
  • Only participants, staff and volunteers are permitted in the stairwells.
  • Carrying infants and small children up the stairs is prohibited.
  • Due to building security and safety, climbers will be required to walk down several flights before reaching the main elevator that will take them the rest of the way down to the ground floor.
  • All Stair Climb participants may use the shower and spa facilities at the Ketchum-Downtown Y immediately following the event. Just show your bib for entry at the Y Welcome Center.

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  • General Climbers & Elites-$125
  • Teams-$125/climber
  • High Rise Hero Individuals and YMCA Staff-$25
  • High Rise Hero Team-$100


To register online, you must submit a portion of the fundraising minimum with a credit card to reserve your spot (with the exception High Rise Heroes - full amount due at time of registration.) This gives you time to use our easy online fundraising system to raise the remaining amount. In the event that you do not reach the full fundraising minimum by midnight on the day of the event, your credit card will be charged the balance. Please read the registration instructions prior to registering. FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
If you are not able to register online with a credit card, email stairclimb@ymcala.org with your address for a printable registration form.You may mail this registration form to the KETCHUM-DOWNTOWN YMCA (401 S Hope St, LA, 90071) with a check or deliver in person. Please do not send cash. If you decide to register offline, you must submit the full fundraising minimum at the time of registration.


Early registration is highly encouraged. It gives you time to train and to fundraise and it gives us the opportunity to be fully prepared to welcome every participant. The deadline for regular online registration is 6 P.M., PST, on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. If you choose to register the day of the Stair Climb, you must arrive at least one hour prior and pay an increased fundraising minimum of $150 for general individuals and $550 for general teams (High Rise Hero fundraising minimums do not increase on the day of the event).

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Friday, September 27 - 12:00Noon-9:00P.M.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Please check this website on the Monday before the climb for finalized Start Times. You will also receive an email at that time which contains your personal Start Time

Arrive at least 45 minutes before your start time to allow for parking and check-in. Registration will take place on the courtyard of the YMCA ( 401 S Hope Street , Los Angeles CA 90071 ).
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General Individuals - step up to the challenge in an age and gender specific division.

High Rise Hero Individuals - public safety personnel such as police and firefighters compete as individuals to earn the title of High Rise Hero Individual.


If you are a truly competitive Stair Climb Racer, you may be eligible for a priority start time: on September 27, before other climbers are in the tower.To be considered, you must have placed in the overall top 25 finishers, male or female, in one of the following stair climbs:

Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF ( Toronto , Canada )

Empire State Building Run-Up ( New York , NY )

Enbridge CN Tower Stair Climb for United Way ( Toronto , Canada )

Fight For Air Climbs ( Nation Wide )

Go Vertical! Chicago ( Chicago , IL )

Hustle Up the Hancock ( Chicago , IL )<

Leukemia & Lymphoma Big Climb ( Seattle , WA )<

Scott Firefighter Stairclimb ( Seattle , WA )

Seattle Stair Climb-CF Foundation ( Seattle , WA )

Stair Climb for Los Angeles ( Los Angeles , CA )

Step Up for Kids ( Chicago , IL )<

Winding Up the Wachovia ( Miami , FL )

To register for the Elite Climb:

Register as an individual for the climb and submit $30 toward the $125 fundraising minimum. After registering for the event and prior to September 18, 2013, send an email to StairClimb@ymcala.org with the subject heading Elite Climb Application. In the email, include your name, contact information, qualifying event, and overall finishing place in that event. If you have competed in a comparable climb (greater than 50 flights) that is not listed above, please include the details of that climb (including a web address and/or the contact information of the race organizers.)

All registrants in the Elite Climb will have their qualifying time verified. The Elite Climb will comprise the fastest 25 male and 25 female applicants. All applicants will be notified on or by September 1, 2013 whether they have been accepted into the Elite Climb.


High Rise Hero Individuals - Firefighters, police officers, rangers, highway patrol and other public safety personnel compete in teams to earn the title 'High Rise Hero team'.

General Teams - A minimum of four people per team will also combine their strength to conquer the Tower in the Team Challenge. A team is one team captain and at least three additional members. Times of the top four members are combined for placing, however all climbers will receive their individual time as well. The Team Challenge is separated into the following divisions: Co-Ed Teams, Female Teams, & Male Teams. The team competition is not a relay; climbers run up in staggered heats and placement is determined by combining the times of all four team members.

To form a team, the team captain must register FIRST. Each climber is responsible for submitting the minimum required donation ($30) at the time of registration. The team will then have until September 27 to raise the remaining funds.

You get to create your own team name! Please note: if more than one team will be formed from the same group or company, please use numbers to differentiate between the teams (for instance: Team YMCA 1, Team YMCA 2, etc.) Once the team captain has started the team, other team members are able to join.

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Stair Climb for Los Angeles is an essential fundraising effort of the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA. All climbers are encouraged to collect donations to help promote the Y mission of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Proceeds from the event will directly benefit the YMCA's community programs such as after-school tutoring, teen leadership development, youth and teen sports, our preschool, and senior fitness programs. Please see the Why We Climb section for more information about our community programs.

With this online event management system, all climbers have a webpage for fundraising purposes. Participants are encouraged to personalize their webpage with a photo and text about their motivations for climbing. In addition, climbers are able to send e-mails to friends and family asking for support, and to receive online credit card donations. Any offline donations (cash or checks) that are collected can be mailed or delivered in person to the Ketchum-Downtown Y.

A portion of the fundraising minimum is due at the time of registration. Then, you can use our easy online fundraising system to raise the rest of the funds. If you do not reach the full fundraising minimum by midnight on the day of the event, the credit card you provided at the time of registration will be charged the balance. The fundraising minimums for the Stair Climb for Los Angeles are:

High Rise Heroes Teams
Fundraising minimum: $25/person (Full amount due at the time of registration)

High Rise Heroes Individuals
Fundraising minimum: $25/person (Full amount due at the time of registration)

General Team Challenge (for team scoring, only the top four times will be added together)
Fundraising minimum: $125/person ($30 due at the time of registration - Remaining $95 due by Sept. 27)

General Individual Challenge
Fundraising minimum: $125 ($30 due at the time of registration - Remaining $95 due by Sept. 27)

*TIP: Donors will receive an acknowledgement email for their tax-deductible contribution. Questions pleas call 213 639 7453 or StairClimb@ymcala.org with any questions.If you would like to pay by check, please register by mail or in person at the Stuart M. Ketchum Downtown YMCA, 401 S Hope Street , Los Angeles CA 90071.

Climbers are encouraged to collect donations from others to reimburse themselves. Any donations collected in order to reimburse yourself for this portion of the fundraising minimum should be made out to the climber, not to the YMCA. However, these gifts are still tax-deductible and the YMCA will gladly send a receipt upon request.

The donation minimum paid at the time of registration will be included in fundraising totals.

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Event Location:
U.S. Bank Tower

Need directions? Click here for a map

Event Schedule:

Schedule not available
General Participant ($125 fundraising minimum/person): $30.00
Remaining $95.00 due by Sept. 27. VIP Sponsors please use DISCOUNT CODE.

High Rise Hero ($25/person fundraising minimum) Public Safety Personnel: $25.00
Full $25.00 due at time of registration. Your status of public safety personnel will be verified on race day.

YMCA Staff: $25.00
Full $25.00 due at time of registration. DISCOUNT CODE REQUIRED.


401 S Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(P) 213 639 7453

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