Review of Baltimore Equitable Insurance Company

Have you ever paid any insurance premium with complete satisfaction and a guarantee of complete return? Well, for many people, it is a dream. Since insurance amounts to an expense in anticipation of claiming against significant losses, many people opt for it half-heartedly. But what if your insurance amount becomes an asset?

The Baltimore Equitable Insurance Company makes your dream come true. The premium you pay to their perpetual insurance is an asset for you. Today, let us look at their offering and other necessary details here.

Baltimore Equitable Insurance Company

The Baltimore Equitable Insurance Company has been in the business for over 225 years! The vast experience of over two centuries says it all about its service and credibility. They are financially sound with $155 million worth of assets, and it is growing with each passing day. Their unique insurance policy is the leading service that attracts people a lot. The section below will let you know what it is and how it works.

Perpetual Insurance

The concept of perpetual insurance is different from regular insurance. You will get a complete refund of your money whenever you choose to discontinue the policy. The best thing is, whether you make an insurance claim or not, you will get back every penny you paid until your last premium. In theory you don’t have premiums since the upfront deposit you make covers your premium for however long you own the house. However, because of inflation, the value of your house is likely to increase. To cover that increase, you will need to increase the deposit money, from time to time. You will get that back when you cancel as well.

You only need to pay a significant lump sum amount at the time of taking the policy. After that, your premium amount will always remain very low. You can even choose not to pay any premium for years! You just need to keep your coverage to at least 80% of the value of the home to be covered in full. If you fall below 80%, you will be responsible for some of the expense. With other insurance companies, the premiums are an expense that you never get back. They only way you get money from the other insurance companies is if you have a loss and file a claim to cover the damages.  

The employees of BEI are supportive and make your claiming process hassle-free and smooth. The points below are the advantages of perpetual insurance.

  • After taking perpetual house insurance, you need to provide an upfront deposit that perpetually covers your risk going forward with no further payments. The additional amount you need to pay is only in case you need additional coverage for your home because it has increased in value.
  • You don’t have to worry about the insurance rate with the increase in the number of claims you make.
  • The best part is you are eligible for a complete refund if you choose to cancel the policy at any time.

Why Is Perpetual Insurance the Best?

You can get numerous ways to cover the damage caused against your home, but there is no better option than a perpetual income. It is an asset to you that acts as a cover against the damage to your home and a safe way to keep your money. In the event of damage to your apartment, condo, or home, you can claim the cost to repair the damage. Even if you make a claim, don’t worry, you will get a complete refund when you cancel the policy or wish to sell your home. And without a doubt, there is no better alternative for doing business than with the Baltimore Equitable Insurance Company.

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